Below you will find the list of our faculty and staff. Should you wish to speak to any of them, please call the school at (561) 881-0130 and dial the appropriate extension when prompted. If the person you wish to contact does not have an extension, please call the front office (ext. 100) and leave a message. You can also email the individual you wish to contact directly at the listed email.

Principal- Dr. James Previlus (ext. 102 or drjprevilus@betheljunioracademy.org)
Business Manager- Mr. Levie Saint-Juste (ext. 101 or lsaint-juste@betheljunioracademy.org)

Kindergarten- Mr. Joel Louis-Jeune (jlouis-jeune@betheljunioracademy.org)
First Grade- Mrs. Nerva Stephenson (nste4phenson@betheljunioracademy.org)
Second & Third Grade- Mrs. Lovelee Matthurin (lmathurin@betheljunioracademy.org)
Fourth Grade- Miss Rose H. Rony (rrony@betheljunioracademy.org)
Fifth & Sixth- Ms. Elisabeth Jeanty (ejeanty@betheljunioracademy.org)
Seventh & Eighth Grade- Mrs. Magaly Arthus (marthus@betheljunioracademy.org)

Kitchen Staff (ext. 106)
Mrs. M. Rosemela Mame
Mr. Delorme Corrier

Transportation Specialist
Pascal Paul Louine
Plant Manager
Luderste Dorelus