Parents are educatorsí most valuable resources. Teamwork among parents, educators, administrators, and church members is essential to instill Christian education in the lives of our children and others.

Christian education is part of Godís master plan in spreading the gospel. As a community of believers, we are here to support each other with the great task Jesus has given us to complete before He returns.

Life-long learning begins and ends at home with parents as the first teachers in a childís life. Parents want their children to succeed, feel loved, and valued. They demonstrate this by spending quality time with their children while they do homework, play games, and learn about life. Learning then becomes enjoyable in a God-centered environment supported by parents and educators.

Students need their parents to be involved in school activities by assisting in classroom projects, serving as chaperones on field trips, attending parent-teacher conferences, and sharing their work experiences. This will encourage students to listen, be respectful, have faith, use their imagination, and strive to become positive role models.

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